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Why Lawler?

RunWithIt-LawlerLogoBecause the Industry says Lawler is the “highest in quality”.

Lawler Manufacturing, a centenarian in the delivery of tempered water, has been in profitable existence for well over 100 years. Most say that gives us a good case for “stability” and “reliability.” We are grateful.

Lawler also holds, and has successfully defended, a whole host of tempered water patents that prove the ingenuity and integrity of Lawler technology and engineering is distinct and specifiable. Engineers tell us that gives Lawler a notable position in the “innovation” category. We are humbled.

In fact, in a recent nationwide anonymous industry survey conducted by a third party, Lawler Manufacturing thermostatic mixing valves were identified as the “highest in quality” among all leading competitors. We are honored.

man-drawing-schematicsBecause the Industry wants a trusted partner.

Lawler is certainly proud of its heritage, its innovation, and its quality. Yet today, one of the gaps we see in this changing marketplace, is a relentless focus on you, the customer. You deserve a trusted partner as much as a quality mixing valve. You’ve told us you want efficient, effective solutions from a company you are proud to work with. We are working to fill that gap.

  • Our relentless focus is on serving you better so you can meet the growing needs and expectations of your customers.
  • Our newest innovations raise the bar on delivering meaningful solutions for you, and the demands of your projects and customers.
  • Our best practices are taking your workflow and challenges into account with greater precision and accountability.


Because it’s time to throw away the trick bag.

The commercial plumbing industry has been trying to redefine itself for quite some time now. New distribution channels, online sales, consolidation strategies, marketing gimmicks and other drivers, have prompted lots of new practices that are designed to help old dogs learn new tricks. We know. We’re one of the old dogs. But at Lawler, we’re throwing away the trick bag. Instead, we’re focused on what we can do for you. What we can solve for you. And how we can help you serve your customers.

No tricks. No gimmicks. Just the most reliable, highest quality, innovative plumbing partner you are proud to do business with.